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If you are looking for effective web design, affordable prices, and exceptional personal attention, Sangres Webs offers another Writer's PC vehicle for creative communication.  Here is a brief outline of our offerings.  For more information, including fees for site design, production, and hosting plans, as well as other available professional services, please visit the Sangres Webs site:

Sangres Webs - Website Design, Hosting Services, and Support

All sites designed and developed by Sangres Webs are straightforward, easy to navigate, and informative.  We selectively accept projects that relate to the themes of  Nature and the Arts.  Believing that the educational value of a site is as important as any commercial appeal it may have, we devote considerable time and resources to research and preparation of informative text sections related to the client's interests and the main elements of the site. 

We consult with the site owner at all stages of development and devote ongoing personal attention to the site's currency and operational integrity.  Once the basic design and scope of a site is agreed, all required tasks from research, writing, and photography to photo selection and photo editing are accomplished within our established fee.  There are no extra charges, no surprises.  By hosting Sangres-developed sites ourselves we can ensure prompt maintenance, updating, support, and quality control.  These sites include:

Active Learning Services, an essential educational resource for students, parents, and tutors.  Located in Boulder, Colorado, Active Learning offers highly individualized educational programs for children, teens, adult learners, and homeschoolers, as well as courses for prospective tutors. 

Four-legged Arts, located in Bull Domingo Ranch near Westcliffe, Colorado, creates unique custom hand-painted furniture for children.  Joan's clients include many parents and grandparents who are thrilled with her personalized pieces.  Bringing together nature themes and her deeply personal art, artist Joan Hewitt also makes beautiful mosaics and stained glass pieces, along with animal portraits in all these media as well as in scratchboard.

Shamanic Arts Studio, located in Boulder, Colorado, offers an extraordinary collection of handcrafted jewelry, drums, rattles, and other expressions of native arts.  This is a complex site, which includes an extensive gallery of artist Terry Keepers' work, a visit to his studio, discussion of how he started his career as an artist and the evolution of his techniques, and descriptions of workshops he offers in Boulder and other locations.

Stormyridge Appaloosa is a 300-acre horse ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado, where the massive and changing beauty of the Sangre de Cristo mountains rises along the entire western horizon.  Owner Dorothy Nepa breeds, trains, and sells quality Appaloosa horses.  Herd sire Dyna's Tapers produced exceptional color, conformation, agility, and disposition in his foals.  The lively Stormyridge Boer goat herd provides entertainment and reduces undesirable growth on the ranch's extensive grazing lands, which also support abundant native wildlife.   Stormyridge also offers equine products, tack, and accessories.

Spring Meadow Farm of Larkspur, Colorado, offering high quality Rocky Mountain horses for sale.  Fillies, colts, mares, and geldings, fine specimens of this special equine breed, are available for domestic sale or export; three stallions stand at stud.

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