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Manuscript Reviews

Professional manuscript reviews range from early feasibility reviews of outlines, synopses, and writing samples to detailed editorial critiques of completed manuscripts. 

A feasibility review often will help determine whether a writer should expend the time and resources necessary to fully develop a given manuscript.  Some authors have more than one work in progress; for them, we can help determine priorities for completion based on feasibility reviews and assessments of the relative effort necessary for submittal to an agent or publishing editor.

Book Manuscripts

Following a positive feasibility review, writers can apply our recommendations as they see fit and complete manuscripts on their own, or they can continue working with us in a personal coaching relationship that develops both the writer and the work itself. 

For completed manuscripts, the process begins with a detailed editorial review and written critique covering the entire work.  Every page is read, and marginal notations and separate general and specific recommendations are provided. 

Academic and Technical Manuscripts

We offer editorial critiques of theses, dissertations, and technical papers, including scientific papers prepared for presentation, journal articles, research grant rationales, and conference proceedings. 

Software.  Microsoft Word is the software we use for manuscript preparation and document transfer in email attachments.  We also can accept WordPerfect in attachments for review.

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