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Project Fees & Hourly Rates

The goal of the coaching relationship is to empower authors to develop their manuscripts with little assistance; thus, the level of assistance depends on a client's needs and preferences.  Our manuscript development work is an ongoing process involving several of the services outlined below. 

If a feasibility review indicates that a book idea or rough manuscript may be worthy of further development and the author wishes to proceed, we consult closely at each step along the way to to establish a mutually acceptable scope and cost for subsequent work.  There are no surprises, and clients determine the services they need.  It is not in our interests, or yours, to suggest further work on a project that seems unlikely to attract an agent or publisher.

For individuals who wish to use specific services from time to time, the hourly rates listed below apply.  For coaching or consultation by phone, the client pays telephone toll charges.


Initial telephone editorial consultation


Telephone consultation, per hour


Manuscript reviews


Feasibility review and follow-up consultation, fee


Editorial review, written comments, and follow-up consultation, fee by mutual agreement, generally averages $0.50/page


Editorial and Microsoft Word coaching, per hour*


Internet research, per hour*


Computer coaching & tech support, per hour*


Website design, $375 and up, depending on complexity, number of pages & photos, requirements for scanning and photo editing, and other factors.  For details, please visit Sangres Webs.


Website hosting, from $150/year.  Website hosting levels vary with client needs, site size, and maintenance requirements.  Fee includes technical support.  For details, please visit Sangres Webs.


*Note:  Hourly rates are charged only to those who contract for specific services separately, rather than as part of an ongoing project.  For clients who desire continuing services throughout the development of their writing projects, these services are included in their overall project fees.

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