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The publishing skills and services outlined on this website were developed in more than 30 years of experience with writers, major publishers, and institutions.  Positions and functions include editor-in-chief; acquisitions; author and manuscript development, editorial and production tasks; personnel development; and operations management.  Acquisitions experience in particular, which involves the proactive solicitation, evaluation, and development of promising new book projects for publication, gives us a publishing editor's critical eye in evaluating manuscripts.

Technical publications experience has focused on editorial and production management responsibilities for multidisciplinary environmental and feasibility studies for major corporations, research institutions, and government.

Clients and employers over the years include: 

McGraw-Hill Book Company; Holt, Rinehart and Winston; Prentice-Hall; Wadsworth Publishing Company; ABC-Clio; and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Stanford Research Institute; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; New York Academy of Sciences, Standard Oil (Chevron), Bechtel Corporation; Lockheed Space Operations Company; and the California Nursery Company.

Since 1987, in addition to publishing, Writer's PC has embraced advances in information technology, developing a number of services to facilitate client communications, including website design, development, and hosting, and computer tech support and tutoring.

Following is an outline, in resume form, of the experience and skills that underlie the services offered by Writer's PC.

Professional Skills

Positions and Responsibilities

Selected Publishing Projects

Website Projects

Bonnie M. Simrell

Services, Coaching, and Tools in the
Communications Arts

Stanford University, BA

Vassar College

Professional Skills

  • Manuscript reviews and editorial critiques

  • Coaching in publisher manuscript standards; book proposal preparation; institutional criteria for academic documentation

  • In-depth understanding of book publisher acquisitions, editorial style, and manuscript standards, publishing contracts, and editorial, typographic design, and production functions

  • Technical writing and editorial support for engineers and technical staff, publications management, quality control

  • Graphic design and production; computer tutoring; and website design, development, maintenance, hosting, and skills coaching

  • Computer coaching:  Basic Windows PC operation; elementary through advanced word processing (MS Word); business accounting and analysis tools, such as spreadsheets (MS Excel); graphics programs, such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, and MS Publisher; website design and development (MS FrontPage), uploading, and maintenance; and internet research, email, and related skills (Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express)

  • Comprehensive PC technical support, troubleshooting, maintenance, security and anti-virus recommendations

  • Creative expression workshops, classes, and individual sessions; Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Positions and Responsibilities

1987–present, Communications Specialist and Computer Tech, Westcliffe, Colorado.  Offering the full range of communication skills and tools for client expression through books, scientific and academic papers, websites, tutoring and technical support in PC applications, and creative expression coaching.  Website design, production, and hosting.

Owner, Windsong Retreat Center, Nederland, Colorado, 1989-1995, sponsoring and leading workshops, creative expression in writing and art, seminars, and private sessions in Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Alchemical Hypnotherapy.

1985–87, Technical Writer and Coordinator, Special Projects. Lockheed Space Operations Company, Vandenberg Air Force Base. Multidisciplinary documentation on Space Shuttle operations. Organization, technical writing, editing, research, and computer skills; and project management, staff supervision, engineer support, and contract negotiation.

1981–84, Editor in Chief. ABC-Clio, Inc., Santa Barbara. Publisher of reference works for library and college markets. Acquisitions, staff development; production management; coordination with marketing, sales, and R&D; academic meetings.

1977–81, Manager, Technical Operations. HDR-Sciences, Santa Barbara. Development and management of in-house documentation staff, procedures, and facilities; development of intricate quality assurance procedures; supervision of support services personnel; coordination of outside vendors; and project administration. Chief Project Editor, MX Environmental Program (U.S. Air Force).

1968–77, Owner/Manager, The Simrell Company, Menlo Park, California. A complete editorial, design, typesetting, and production capability for major book publishers, industry, government, and individuals. Clients included Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Wadsworth Publishing Company, Albion Publishing Company, nasa-Ames Research Center, Bechtel Corporation, Chevron/Standard Oil Company of California, Daniel, Mann, Johnson, and Mendenhall, Engineers, and McCandless Engineers.

1964–68, Senior Project Editor and Production Manager. Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Menlo Park. Writing and editing, project coordination, and quality control for multidisciplinary research proposals, reports, and feasibility studies.

1960–64, Editing Supervisor and Design Assistant. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., Special Editorial Unit, New York and Novato. Manuscript development and coordination of typographic design, composition, production, and author inputs, up to sixty titles in work at any one time.

Selected Publishing Projects

Fiction and Nonfiction

Conason, Joe, and Gene Lyons, The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, St. Martins Press, 2000. Detailed internet research and fact checking throughout manuscript preparation.

Dibble, David, The Emotional Edge:  The Power of Emotion in Cultural and Personal Change, 1995. A major work developed from author concepts about organizational and personal transformation; research, organization, writing, original sections, design.

Goode, Caron, Afterlife:  Journeys in Consciousness with Jerry Garcia, 2000. From raw transcript, development of a serious work including overall organization, and preparation of introductory chapter and chapter-opening material, narrative format with explanatory notes, and an extensive annotated bibliography. Preparation of an effective book proposal.

Keepers, Sylvia. SMART! A Reading Tutor's Guide: Helping Teens Read, Think, and Act Smarter, Keystone Court Press, 2014. Foreword by Ramona Lowe, PhD. SMART! A Reading Tutor’s Guide provides a road map full of practical activities for reading assessment and instruction. Insightfully mixing practice, theory, and anecdote, this book is helpful for anyone charged with improving student reading. It gives the why, the how, and the how-you-know-it’s-working. Developmental editing, book design, composition, and production Management.

Keepers, Terry D., Ph.D. Homesteading the Soul:  A Spiritual Apprenticeship with a Prairie Grandfather, Keystone Court Press, 2005. An important work of fictional biography and psychology. Accepted in two weeks by the first agent contacted. Editorial critique, consultation, photo scan/edit, assistance with word processing and manuscript preparation, and general author support.


“Forest Stewardship Partnership.”  An invited proposal to the USDA Forest Service, Apache National Forest District, 1999.  Preparation of a proposal for a joint project for wildfire mitigation, ecological restoration, erosion control, increased biological diversity, sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management as envisioned by the Forest Service mandate.  (Ecoscape Environmental Design, Boulder)

The Mission Chinaberry Trees, 1999.  Preparation of a technical report commissioned by concerned residents for presentation to the City Council, Fremont, California, in a successful effort to preserve rare century-old Melia azedarach trees designated for destruction as part of a road-widening project.  Richly illustrated, the report summarizes the historic and cultural significance, characteristics, and productive uses of the Chinaberry tree generally, as well as the setting and role of these trees in the history of Alameda County.  (California Nursery Company, Niles, CA)

“Estero Bay Offshore Moorings, Onshore Tank Farm, and Overland Pipeline Environmental Impact Statement.”  Environmental assessments and impact statement for a complex system for the transport of Alaska crude oil, including offshore single-point moorings for supertankers, undersea lines and structures, onshore storage, and overland pipeline.  Coordination and editing of inputs in meteorology, marine biology, oceanography, archaeology, and other disciplines; and interaction with county staffs in project site areas.  2500 pages, 900+ illustrations, and a detailed map atlas of resources and sensitive areas along the entire overland pipeline route.  Estimated project:  $100 million.  (Chevron/Standard Oil Company of California)


Keeler, Patricia, Ph.D. Incest:  Quest for Soul Union, 2001. All doctoral documentation, including program plan, dissertation, and supporting materials. Consultation, editing, word processing, research support, color photo scans/edits, and color printing.

Sonnett, C. P., P. J. Coleman, Jr., and J. M. Wilcox, eds., Solar Wind, NASA-Ames, Mountain View, 1982.  NASA conference proceedings; organization, editing, and design of over 100 technical papers with complex mathematics and graphics.


Bell, R. E., Dictionary of Classical Mythology, ABC‑Clio, Inc., Santa Barbara, 1982.  Editorial development, design, and production management.  Awards for best reference work from Choice and the American Library Association.

Burns, Richard D., Ed.  Society of American Historians of Foreign Relations, Guide to American Foreign Relations since 1700.  ABC‑Clio, Inc., Santa Barbara, 1983.  An extraordinary reference work involving contract negotiations, coordination of over 100 contributors, design challenges, and data base development.

Plano, J., ed., Clio Dictionaries in Political Science (series), ABC‑Clio, Inc., Santa Barbara, 1983.  Series development, acquisitions, design, and production.

Standing in the Tempest:  Painters of the Hungarian Avante-Garde, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, with MIT Press, Cambridge, 1994. Responsibility for rewriting in English translations from European contributors of varying competence to create a smoothly flowing historical, political, and social context for detailed critical discussions of over 130 artistic works.

Website Projects

Websites are designed, produced, and published to the web under Sangres Webs.  General information about web services and resources may be found at Web Design & Hosting.  Sites have been designed, published, and maintained for Brush Publishing Company; Community United Methodist Church; Grape Greek RV Park; Kagan & Son, LLC; Keystone Court Press; SaddleHands; Stormyridge Appaloosa; SMART! A Reading Tutor's Guide; Spring Meadow Farm; VALI Assisted Living; Historic Jones Theater.

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